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Who the hell am I?

Ray Ray is a 31-year-old writer and author living in- you guessed it- good ol' Brooklyn, NY. Her first novel, Thicker Than Blood, is currently available on Amazon with a 5-star rating. It is a queer-inclusive fantasy piece, and the first book in The Empires of Sahren series. 

When she's not at her keyboard, Ray Ray enjoys acting, singing, and spending time with her gorgeous fam. She is an avid lover of Comic Con, Ren Faire, and Alex Kingston. She has 9 tattoos, a dog and a cat, and an unhealthy obsession with binge-watching television. Her favorite food is soup dumplings, favorite color is pink, and she drinks her coffee black. Shakespeare owns her heart. Proud lesbian.


Known for being a witch, an Aries, and above all, the Pirate Queen.

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