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An Introduction

Welcome to the Bombshell. I'm glad you’re here.

Here, you will find yourself on a journey through the mind of one very curious, mildly delusional lesbian. Prepare yourself, for there’s bound to be many a twist and shadow along the way. But there will also be fireworks and fairytales. And always more than enough popcorn to go around.

I used to describe myself as someone who knew nothing about anything and had feelings about everything. Now, I like to give myself a little more credit. I still have a whole lot of feelings, don’t get me wrong. But I know some stuff, too. And I’ve learned a lot in my thirty-ish years on this planet. I like to look at life through my own lens, one that refracts light and breaks things up into warped but wonderful pieces. I like to rearrange.

So, on this journey, I can’t promise any specific direction. It’ll be more of a dance, less of a destination. I want to talk about the things that intrigue me, that just might be of interest to you, too. Things that connect us, things that inspire us, things that leave us wanting more. Love and loss, books and television, spirituality and mental health, and downright stupid jokes. I want to devour it all.

Let’s look under the bed. Let’s lucid dream. Let’s explore the land of the living with as much honesty and vigor as we can.

And let’s remember that under all the chaos, there is always, always hope.

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